2021 Top Ten Leadership Actions
December, 31 2020

December 31, 2020 - As we look back on stepping into the "unexpected hole" of 2020, hopefully, we all leave with a new outlook on the “Soul” of leadership.  After launching our book, A Blessing: Women of Color Teaming Up during the tumultuous months of 2020, I offer to my fellow leaders Ten Inclusive Leadership Actions to consider as we enter 2021.


  1. Eradicate the “Only” on your teams.  Look around, look around - do you see anyone from an underrepresented community by themselves?  Eliminate the stress of tokenism and hire in multiples.  Reap the abundance that comes from diversity of talent.
  2. Activate innovation from “everywhere.”  The internet has brought warp speed to everything from e-commerce to biotechnology.  Tackle more gnarly problems by bringing voice to those who may feel silenced.
  3. Disrupt the traditional recruiting model.  Doing the same thing delivers the same results.  Check out new emerging platforms such as Valence and AboveBoard or simply follow Steven Wolfe Pereira if you are still experiencing pipeline anxiety.
  4. Create buddy DEI leaders by aligning majority contributors with minorities.  Diversity and inclusion should be seen as a business “blessing,” not a burden. Team Up across ALL races.
  5. Accelerate "Stretch" assignments.  Tap and nudge forward those who have potential vs perfection.  
  6. Nurture Generational Alliances across Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers. Imagine the power of Wisdom + Vision.
  7. Make Cultural Intelligence (CQ) a requirement for Leadership Development and succession. IQ + EQ + CQ.
  8. Expand Revenue inclusion and Customer representation.  Ask yourself - who is missing from your portfolio of customers?  How can you attract new customers to your product and services with authenticity and grace?
  9. Strengthen your leadership empathy muscle.  Renowned author, Isabel Wilkerson says “Radical empathy means putting in the work to educate oneself and to listen with a humble heart to understand another's experience from their perspective, not as we imagine we would feel. Radical empathy is not about you and what you think you would do in a situation you have never been in and perhaps never will. It is the kindred connection from a place of deep knowing that opens your spirit to the pain of another as they perceive it.” The NYT provides five experts on improving this skill.
  10.  Lead by example.  Be courageous.  Do not hesitate.  Begin today.