A group of unicorns
is called “a blessing.” And so we are.

A Blessing presents a fresh, bold analysis of African American female leadership. An unapologetic look at our often-overlooked role in America’s social, political, psychological and economic history, it is armed with data that should be empowering for today’s “unicorns.”

The book offers a “playbook” to help Black unicorns “team up” and find innovative ways to support one another as they climb, what research shows, are lonely, stressful, jagged yet ultimately rewarding ladders of opportunity.

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Women of Color in Business:
Cross-Generational Survey©
Co-authors Bonita C. Stewart and Jacqueline Adams are proud that Google has sponsored their new 2021 U.S. Women of Color in Business: Cross-Generational Survey©. Titled Untapped Women of Color: The Talent Force Multiplier, the new release is unique in its analysis of the opinions and capabilities of women desk workers across four generations, as well as those of White and Black men managers. The work highlights new, evolving skills and attitudes that managers must develop to assess and motivate talent, across cultures as well as generations, in the complex post-COVID workplace.

Bonita C. Stewart and Jacqueline Adams bring us an amazing story centered around grit, work and family. They share the economic benefits and personal stresses of diversity, the influence of white male mentors and their own experiences on the way to becoming “unicorns,” African-American Harvard Business School alumnae who have reached the top at Google and CBS News.


A Blessing also includes the results of their original, proprietary research, Women of Color in Business: Cross Generational Survey© which examines the views of 4005 female “desk” or “knowledge workers” across four races (Black, LatinX, Asian and White) and four generations (GenZ, Millennials, GenX and Boomers). In addition, they interview other successful Harvard Business School alumnae who are creating or leaving legacies.

Bonita and Jackeline
Photography by Damani Moyd. Makeup by Danielle Waugh, InHerBeautyNY.
Bonita C. Stewart
Joined Google in 2006 and her career spans three decades leading multi-billion dollar operations, accelerating digital technology adoption...
Jacqueline Adams
Launched a second career as a communications strategist after more than two decades as an Emmy Award winning CBS News...
"It is indeed a Blessing to have Bonita and Jackie share their stories that serve as beacons to women of color."
Ann M. Fudge
Former Chairman & CEO, Young & Rubicam Brands